Welcome to jacobrosenfeldphotography.com.  I am Jacob Rosenfeld, a professional architectural photographer located in Deerfield, Illinois.  While typically my subjects are the built forms that surround us, and my clients are those that design, build, modify and represent them for sale.

Architecture is all about the materials and assemblies that combine to define a three dimensional space. Architectural photography is about capturing those details as precisely as they exist.  With a degree in architecture, I once worked to create space… now I capture it — whether on the ground or in the sky. I understand spatial geometries, structure, transparency, solar position and movement, light, shadow & reflection.

I passionately capture interiors and exteriors using only available light photography. When I arrive on location, I’m equipped simply with a high-end digital SLR camera, a number of very specialized lenses, a tripod and a laptop — not miles of cable, and obtrusive lighting rigs — making my on-location production presence & footprint minimal.

Combining my eye for detail with sophisticated techniques and processing software, I create vivid, razor-sharp, high-resolution images that will exceed your expectations. While most of the architectural and drone photography assignments that I undertake are located in and around Chicago / the midwest, I do have clients nationally, and travel regularly for engagements. Interested in learning more? Please contact me at your convenience.

NEWS: We are licensed by the FAA and fully insured for commercial drone operations, and are now offering aerial imaging and inspection services!  Contact Us!